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  • Welcome to the Ripple Design Blog! We are here to provide you with our ideas, inspiration, and design philosophy. This is our place to share all the things we are currently obsessing over and love with you: our clients, friends, and associates. • Please feel free to leave comments. Thanks for taking the time to follow and for being a part of our world!
  • Ripple Design gets a new look!

    So we’ve been toying for a few months now with the idea of updating a few furniture items and accessories around the office. One day, after a site visit we bopped in and out of a few furniture stores downtown to see what was available in the way of office chairs and  possibly some new lighting for our desks.
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    Spanish Home Design

    Today we are continuing our thought process on what it means to distinguish one Home Design Style from another. This is our fourth post and our focus du jour is on Spanish Homes. Please see our other posts on Mediterranean, Tuscan, and French Home Design to follow what else we’ve been saying about each style and what kind of home suits your taste best.
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