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  • Welcome to the Ripple Design Blog! We are here to provide you with our ideas, inspiration, and design philosophy. This is our place to share all the things we are currently obsessing over and love with you: our clients, friends, and associates. • Please feel free to leave comments. Thanks for taking the time to follow and for being a part of our world!
  • Design Inspiration: Calatrava

    Today we are paying homage to Santiago Calatrava Valls, commonly known to most simply as ‘Calatrava.’  Folks, the man has achieved the one name status (think Madonna, Cher, Prince, just to name a few) because he is that awesome!
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    Putting the Green in Mediterranean Design

    Before we get started on how we incorporate green principles and ideas into Mediterranean homes, let’s first revisit what it means to actually be a Mediterranean home. You can visit our post on Mediterranean Home Design or read below for a quick summary to catch up to speed.
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