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  • Barkitecture 2014 Celebrating Seattle Seahawks 12th Man!

    Hi folks!

    This blog post is a little different than previous posts because we are calling you to action!  We have submitted an entry into Barkitecture 2014 – the third annual Barkitecture design contest! The winner will be based on cumulative online votes be people just like YOU! Here’s a little background about both Barkitecture and Team Ripple Design’s entry:


    What is Barkitecture?

    Barkitecture is a fun and unique way to raise funds for furry friends. Architects, designers, contractors, and professionals come together to design and create charitable donations typically in the form of dog houses, furniture pieces, and artwork. This year we had a theme to design around: Celebrate Seattle Seahawks 12th Man! This year’s designated charity is Brigadoon Service Dogs. The fundraiser event is hosted by Luxe Magazine PNW at the Seattle Design Center. Includes Yappy Hour, Doggie Costume Show, competition to construct dog houses made from Milk Bones, silent auction and video on the service dogs.


    What is the Team Ripple Design Entry?

    Taken straight from the streets of Seattle, Team Ripple Design’s contribution is an artfully restored dog treasure intended as a fine art piece in celebration of our World Champion Seattle Seahawks.


    Our artist, Josh Webb – better known in the street art world as JoeX2 – is a world-famous street artist who’s early work was instrumental in transforming graffiti into a recognized form of art.  JoeX2 has redirected his craft in recent years towards fine art and lent his talents to Team Ripple for this very worthy charity.  Josh’s many accomplishments include numerous album covers, clothing and shoe lines, and scenic design work not major network television programs.



    Here is a photo of our art piece:

    Team Ripple Barkitecture



    You can vote for Team Ripple Design by sending a “VOTE FOR RIPPLE” message in the title or body to the following e-mail

    You needn’t say more, just send an e-mail to that address and your vote will be considered counted!!



    Here are other team’s entries (just to be fair in the voting process):

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    Team Gelotte Hommas

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    Team Johnston Architects

      Team Johnston Architects

    Remember to Vote!  Please send a “VOTE FOR RIPPLE” message in the title or body to the following e-mail

    Please also consider donating to Brigadoon Service Dogs. They do incredible work changing lives through human dog partnerships.

    UPDATE!!! THANK YOU FOR VOTING – YOUR VOTES COUNTED + WE WON! We won the people’s choice award as well as had the second highest selling auction item.  Yay and thank you, thank you!