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About Seattle Residential Architects Ripple Design Studio

Ripple Design Studio is a Seattle residential architecture firm specializing in custom homes of timeless beauty and functionality. Founded by Jim Dearth in 2005, the studio is named for our mission to make a positive impact that emanates throughout our clients’ lives and the environment they care about for generations to come. Our measured and thoughtful approach to sustainability—or green design—permeates our homes and guides us in our architectural practice.

As LEED-accredited Seattle residential architects and BuiltGreen members, we promote a thoughtful approach to sustainable design that marries the best of tradition and technology. Traditional home designs originated as passive responses to their environment—heating, cooling, lighting and venting themselves simply and naturally. We understand and apply these principles to efficient floor plans, incorporating modern technologies and building science to create spectacular homes with a social conscience

Above all, our work is founded on our transparent process and honest dialog. We listen carefully to our clients, creating custom homes that honor their wants and needs. We establish clear, realistic goals and expectations, and we aim to consistently exceed all of them. We dedicate a principal-directed design team to each new home, which maintains an exceptional level of design in all of our projects. Our close attention to project management at every phase of the design and construction process ensures accountability at all levels and delivers on both budget and schedule. The results are delighted clients and environmentally responsible homes that become even more beautiful over time.