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Meet our newest team member: an Architect named Jeff

Ripple recently added a new Architect and we are so excited! Meet Jeff:


Jeff joined us this month and has already been a wonderful asset to have around the office. I recently had an informal interview with Jeff both to get to know him better and so that you could get to know him too. Here is our Q and A in no particular order:

Q: What’s your architecture style?

A: I don’t have one particular style. Each design is responding to the particular site and environment.

Q: What’s your favorite color:

A: Green

Q: Top three movies?

A: Dumb and Dumber, Blazing Saddles and Super Troopers…no…I don’t need three comedies…Shaun of the Dead. Wait, take out Blazing Saddles, add in 28 Days Later, no that’s 2 zombie movies. Apparently I like zombie and comedy movies.

Q: Favorite project you’ve ever worked on, if you have one?

A: Designing and building a yoga studio for my wife using reclaimed building materials.

Q: What’s your favorite city?

A: That’s a tough one.

Q: Top two?

A: Florence, Italy. Though I don’t know if I ever want to live there, but I’ve been there 3 or 4 times. San Francisco is pretty cool too.

Q: Favorite Season?

A: Fall

Q: Favorite thing to do in Seattle?

A: In Seattle, I think going down and walking to Carkeek park with my family.

Q: Favorite building or Architect?

A: Architect, no. I like a lot of architects for different reasons. I like a lot of Calatrava stuff. I love Sagrada Familia in Spain.

Q: Favorite Hobby?

A: I’ll make it generic – woodworking – furniture, carving, working with wood.

Q: What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

A: Dinner with a friend’s family and sister in a small town. Everything was homemade….the wine, the bread…it was incredible. It was a few years ago in the middle of nowhere in Sicily, in a town called Villalbe.

To learn more about Jeff, visit our Ripple Design Team page: