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  • Welcome to the Ripple Design Blog! We are here to provide you with our ideas, inspiration, and design philosophy. This is our place to share all the things we are currently obsessing over and love with you: our clients, friends, and associates. • Please feel free to leave comments. Thanks for taking the time to follow and for being a part of our world!
  • Spanish Home Design

    Today we are continuing our thought process on what it means to distinguish one Home Design Style from another. This is our fourth post and our focus du jour is on Spanish Homes. Please see our other posts on Mediterranean, Tuscan, and French Home Design to follow what else we’ve been saying about each style and what kind of home suits your taste best.
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    Now that’s a bright idea!

    It can be a very difficult decision determining just the right style of lighting fixtures for your new or remodeled home.  Sometimes looking through catalogues and showrooms can be limiting and frustrating for sure, given that most of us only get to see a handful of what is actually available and most of the time the products are pre-manufactured and come straight from factories. Usually, the selection at large lighting galleries and home stores don’t reflect the uniqueness and customization you are trying to achieve throughout your home.
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    French Home Design

    In our third post on specific types of home design we are focusing today on the region of France, which is a part of the Mediterranean bordering the southern tip of Italy. For earlier installments on other types of residential architecture see our posts on Mediterranean and Tuscan Home Designs.
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    Tuscan Home Design

    Today we are continuting our discussion from this post on Mediterranean Home Design.  Today’s home composition is inspired by Tuscany! Ah, tuscany, pronounced Toscana in Italian, is the home of beautiful countrysides, genius artistic works mastered by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Boticelli, Basilicas, Olive Oil, Wine…and basically almost everything delicous in Italian food.
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    Mediterranean Home Design

    We are doing a series of blog posts that explain our thoughts and opinions on specialized types of residential architecture common in our portfolio.

    Today’s post about regional architecture is brought to you by: The Mediterranean

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    2011: All Wrapped Up

    This has been a very exciting year for Ripple! Not only have we added to our body of work both in Washington and California, we added actual bodies to Ripple Design and to our family.

    Jim, our principal, adopted the sweet and beautiful Molly, who makes her presence known from time to time around the office with her big brother, Murphy.
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    Cleveland Art

    Today we are giving a shout out to a company called Cleveland Art, a company that repurposes and recycles industrial machinery and surplus into home and office furniture and items. Tables, lamps, chairs, bookends, and so much more – all made from recycled or repurposed materials and objects.
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    Voting for Durisol

    Michael Pollan, the author of so many wonderful books about food and healthy eating, always says that when you are in the checkout line at the grocery store you vote every time you pay by the choices you make. For instance, if you buy 60% organic products you are sending the message to the grocery store chain, thus voting, that you like and will continue to buy organic products if they are stocked and always made available. The voting cycle continues every time you choose and pay for your groceries. As you buy more, they supply more, errr, that’s how it’s supposed to go.
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    Dress Code for Architects

    What do you think of when you think of an architect’s uniform?

    In school I had a professor, albeit one of the kindest human beings ever to step foot on earth, who wore the same exact uniform day in and day out for all five years that I’ve known him. Khaki pants, white collared button down starchy shirt, round frameless glasses and some of the saddest shoes you’ve ever laid eyes on. At the end of our second semester some fellow students and I had the privilege to go over to his house and were treated to a dinner prepared by said professor. Though the gesture alone should have been my sole focus I could only think of one thing: Hell or high water I was going to take a peak inside his closet. After arriving, it took all of 5 minutes to figure out the layout of his house.
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    Sumptuous Living

    We are in luxe! What’s Luxe? Luxe is an interiors and design magazine devoted “to those interested in creating beautiful surroundings and living well.” Luxe is THE go-to guide and resource for design, decorating, architecture, and renovation. Luxe magazine is offered in cities from New York to Chicago to Dallas to Seattle.
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