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Choosing an Architect

Your choice of architectural firm shapes the destiny of your custom home’s design and sets the stage for everything to come. With the right firm, the relationship and the process should be a pleasure.

The Right Fit

You and your family will spend many hours with your architect during design and construction. You’ll want to choose someone whose personality, approach and communication style are a good match for your own, both professionally and personally.

Shared Vision

Shared vision is the simple notion that you and your architect see your project and your goals in the same light. Initial discussions with your architect and a review of their portfolio should let you know.

Skilled Project Team

A strong project team is key to a smooth construction process, and it often leads to lower total project costs. In most cases, your architect will serve as project manager, and must have established relationships with other skilled professionals and builders.

We have a history of success and satisfied clients, which we directly attribute to these three elements. We’d love the opportunity to bring them together on your new home.