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Ripple Design Services

Construction Costs

The cost to build varies widely across the country—and often across the street. We take great pride in our cost management skills, from initial cost estimates during design all the way through cost control during construction.

Cost Estimating

Initial estimates regarding the cost to build are based on a cost per square foot of new construction, which can range widely from $150 to $1,500 per square foot. We typically work within the range of $200 to $800 per square foot. We dramatically narrow this range early in the design process by reviewing project complexity, site conditions, level of finish, and other factors that help target construction costs.

Additional Project Costs

We work with a small pool of select professionals, consulting engineers and builders to form a strong project team. These additional project costs are relatively easy to anticipate. The following is a cost overview of a recently completed project:

Project Costs Case Study

Total Project Cost: $1,002,500
Construction Cost: $914,000 (±89% of Total Project Cost)
Our Design Fee + Structural Engineering: $67,000 (±7% of Total Project Cost)
Surveying + Consulting Engineering: $9,700 (±3% of Total Project Cost)
Permitting Fees: $11,800 (±1% of Total Project Cost)