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Ripple Design Process

Residential Design Process

Our Process

Ripple Design Studio is committed to delivering a design experience as thoughtfully crafted as the resulting home design. We dedicate strong project management at every phase of the architectural design and construction process, with a focus on both budget and schedule. We begin the architectural design process by determining the basic “program” of your project. This includes a complete inventory of the types and quality of living spaces, together with a design schedule and overall project budget. We also assess site benefits and limitations, municipal approval expectations, and code requirements.

Schematic Design

Floor plans are the first step in translating your program into a home. From those two-dimensional plans, we progress to building elevations, often called facades, which add a third dimension to the home. We use 3D visualization technology in every phase of the architectural design process, which brings your home to life and enables you to better envision the entire living environment. Our embrace of technology allows us to analyze and resolve complex building design considerations early in design, dramatically improving building performance and avoiding construction errors and waste.

Schematic Pricing

Once we’ve arrived at a clearly defined schematic design through the architectural design process, we engage a contractor to provide schematic construction pricing.  This crucial step allows us to confirm that the schematic design meets the budget and scheduling goals of the program.


Once we have completed the schematic design and confirmed our pricing, we develop unique details that add richness and character to your home, including ceiling design, electrical layout, cabinet and millwork design, and much more.

Construction Documents + Permitting

Concurrently with the interiors, we provide and coordinate structural engineering, and develop the architectural plans required for municipal approvals. We also manage the municipal approval process, which is often complex and time-intensive.

Contractor Selection

During the permit approval process, we expand our architectural plans and specifications to provide the level of detail needed for accurate final construction pricing.  If a contractor has already been selected, we work directly with them to arrive at an acceptable construction contract.  If a contractor has not been selected, we advocate for a competitive bidding process to ensure a fair construction price.

Construction Administration

We stay engaged and involved throughout construction, answering any questions that come up along the way and providing the additional information needed to maintain a smooth construction process.

Interior Design

Available to our clients as an additional service, we offer interior design that works in harmony with the architecture of your home to enhance its style and livability. From colors and wall finishes to flooring and soft goods, we draw on our wide network of resources, including artisans who make a material difference in the quality and character of your home. We provide our interior design services on a fixed fee, which allows our clients to benefit from the significant savings of trade pricing