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Ripple Design gets a new look!

So we’ve been toying for a few months now with the idea of updating a few furniture items and accessories around the office. One day, after a site visit we bopped in and out of a few furniture stores downtown to see what was available in the way of office chairs and  possibly some new lighting for our desks.

The challenge with these purchases seems to always eventually lead to the same dilemma: beauty vs. function. Also, what kind of chairs would fairly represent the image of Ripple Design when we host clients and associates in our space. Architectural principles and reasoning advocates “form following function,” but these are pieces we will be looking at and sitting in every single day. It’s hard to give up the idea of not having something truly beautiful that, yes, is also very functional and dare I say ergonomic to the ol’ back.

When we hit on these lovelies by Humanscale it was love at first sit, errr site, sit and site.

Humanscale Chair

The style above is called the ‘Liberty Task’ chair and it comes in a wide variety of fabrics, back materials, and finishes. It’s been about a month now that we’ve had these chairs and every vertebrae in our spines has been saying, ‘ahhh, yes’! It’s a proud moment, especially in an architect’s office, when you finally hit on something that is equal parts beautiful and functional. Of course this is our goal with everything we design and specify, but to find it in office furniture seems to be a rare thing.

After deliberating and deciding on our task chairs it came time to choose conference room chairs to complement our space.  The decision was a pretty easy one because of the choices offered within the same family as the ‘Liberty task.’  We went with the ‘Liberty Side Chair.’

Humanscale Liberty Side Chair

Being able to customize each chair with seat and back fabric of our choosing was a priority of ours and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  The chairs above sit in our entry and welcome guests, we hope, in the most comforting, stylish, and welcoming of ways.

Humanscale not only equipped us with new chairs, but upon investigating the company, it’s history, and other products we discovered the fantastic lighting products they offer.  We chose to update with some new task lighting at each of our work stations.  Here’s what we chose:

Humanscale Lighting

Humanscale Lighting 2

It’s called the ‘Tolomeo’, it’s made in Italy, and it is fantastico!!  These lights do not disappoint!

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with the things around us, even if we know that they are slightly uncomfortable, unfashionable, or need sprucing up. Mixing up and updating our office furniture has brought new energy and life to our work spaces in unexpected ways. Change is good!